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Olde World Miniature Journal Necklace

About the Art: Bohemian Jewelry I’ve been teaching unconventional Bohemian jewelry for over a decade and I’m always trying to come up with something new to teach to my students.  This little book was introduced a few years ago and became one of my most requested classes. The front and back covers are made with [...]

Custom Funko Pops

custom funko pops
About the Artist: Kat Jennings I have been sculpting for several years. I have made everything from commissions to original works of art. My most recent and most successful endeavor has been making custom Funko Pops for people. About the Art: Custom Funko Pops I have been sculpting in clay and making custom Funko pops [...]

I LOVE Your Product!

About the Cover Picture I used Apoxie Sculpt to adhere ALL the tesserae and it worked beautifully, I also used to again attach the horn caps to the head.  This is the first skull I have used Aves Apoxie Sculpt to adhere the entire tesserae. About the Artist: Mosaic Sanctuary I live on a large [...]

My Son’s Favorite Video Game Character

Artist: Joe Oliveri   I had a lot of fun turning this DIY vinyl figure into my son's favorite video game character using Apoxie Sculpt. This was the first time I've used this wonderful product. It really is awesome! Apoxie Sculpt is very easy to use, and great to work with from start to finish. [...]