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Got Shells? Video Lesson on Make it Artsy If you have sea shells we have the perfect project for you! Using Aves FIXIT SCULPT our resident artist Erin Gerlach shows you how to turn a jar of shells into a fantastic piece of art! Get FIXIT SCULPT so you can be ready to make one of these projects yourself!

Step-by-step Instructions for Serving Trays

GoodWill finds are the BEST for up-cycled art! Check out these picture frames that are repurposed with  Apoxie Sculpt as gorgeous serving trays!! A favorite frame becomes a beautiful serving tray with Aves Resident artist Erin Gerlach. This really unique project re-purposes wood picture frames and makes them a completely functional one of a [...]

Apoxie Paste vs FIXIT Paste This is a comparison video of Aves Apoxie Paste vs Aves FIXIT Paste and why you might use one over the other. If you are familiar with Aves Apoxie Sculpt or Aves FIXIT these Pastes are the stir-able, brush-able, trowel-able versions of the modeling compounds! Happy Sculpting everyone!! Don't forget the Aves Safety Solvent [...]

Episode 404 of Make it Artsy

404 All about Brushes Michael deMeng has a project entitled “good brushes gone bad”; as discarded brushes are the actual base of strange creatures out of Apoxie Clay! Order Apoxie Clay! Brushes are the first tool for many artists or are they? Host Julie Fei Fan Balzer opens with a Vincent Van Gogh inspired painting where she [...]

Amazing Mandala Style Mosaic

Check out Michele Petno and her newest mosaic video course “Amazing Mandala Style Mosaic”  available at . Watch the video below for more details. Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube station at for free INTROS to all classes and future courses. Watch the FREE mosaic safety video now!