Aves Studio is committed to bringing fun, creativity and excitement to your classroom! The Creative Educators Program was developed as an easy way for schools to order Aves products, so teachers are provided with the supplies they need to encourage the development of the creative side of a student’s mind.

This program is easy to participate in and is designed to make your ordering process as simple as possible. Order Aves products for your art education classes and receive an educator’s discount on your purchase.

Benefits of the Creative Educators Program include:

  • 25% Educator’s Discount
  • Open Account Billing Terms for Easy Ordering
  • High Quality Products with High Quality Results
  • Art Materials that are Safe and Easy to Use and a whole lot of FUN for your students!

Quote Requests

Our team is available to provide pricing on formal bids and quote requests to help meet your planning needs. Contact us with your information: school or business name, address, and pertinent contact information, with a request to “PLEASE QUOTE” You can submit your product list by fax, or email.


Phone (800) 261-2837

Fax (715) 381-2121

Educators Discounts

If you are a school or teacher and would like to purchase Aves® products for your classroom, please contact us for details about our Aves® Educators discount program.

We offer open accounts

Open accounts are available to Schools and businesses that have established an account with Aves® and have completed a credit application may purchase on-account via phone 715-386-9097 or email your PO to us aves@avesstudio.com

If you have not established an account yet, or have not completed a credit application, refer to the section below entitled “How do I setup an account?”

How do I set up an open account?

If you are a school or business and have never purchased from us follow these simple steps:

  1. Contact our Order Dept.

Call the Order Department at 800-261-2837 (8:30am-5pm CT) and speak with an Aves® representative, about establishing an open account.

  1. Fill out a Credit Application

We will email or fax you our Aves® credit application.  Open, print, and fax a completed credit application to our Credit Department at 715-381-2121. Your order will be filled when your account has been approved (allow 3-5 business days after we receive your fax.)