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Featured Artist Mazzotta

Aves Featured Artist - MazzottaWe found out about Apoxie Sculpt  from a gallery customer of ours years ago. She worked for a movie studio out in Hollywood and said the crew used it for quick sculpting for set pieces or costumes when they needed a custom item quickly for a shot. She told us “You have to get this stuff!” We’ve found it’s an easy material to sculpt with. The cured strength makes it reliable and sturdy for shipping our sculptures to customers around the country.

About The Artists

Jim & Kathleen Mazzotta, owners of Jungle Drums Gallery on Captiva Island FL, work on many art projects together. Their gallery is a showplace for much of their work and their artist colleagues.

Jim earned his BFA in art at UNC and MFA in lithography at USC (SC) where he taught art for two years. He worked as an illustrator and editorial cartoonist for the Fort Myers (FL) News-Press. His work has appeared in the NY Times, U.S. News, London Times and other publications. In the 80s Jim created a range of gift products and tees with his art depicting the lyrics of songwriter Jimmy Buffet.

Kathleen earned her BFA in art education at Kutztown (PA) University. She received an Associates Degree in art and pursued graduate studies in art therapy. She was art director for an ad agency before moving on to freelance creating art for apparel and paper products. Kathleen’s subject matter often depicts wildlife as well as tropical imagery. Managing Jungle Drums keeps her quite busy as she continues to be a working artist as well as a business entrepreneur.

Follow Them Online

Website: www.jungledrumsgallery.com

Instagram: follow jimmazzotta

Twitter: mazzottajim

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  1. STEVE fleming says:

    Hi I am a artist I live in Arcadia Florida I don’t paint I sculpt anyway oh I love your work very nice I haven’t really shown my work on line do you think I could get your opinion this Peace I am working on I need your input on a professional view is that all right with you I only use two part clay because of it’s strength all my sculptures are completely hollow please reply thankyou

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