Featured Artist Robert Walker

Featured Artist Robert Walker Apoxie Sculpt

Featured Artist Robert WalkerJust thought that you might be interested in what your Apoxie Sculpt was being used for. This is a full size sculpture of a Great Horned Owl. It is not complete yet, the base and some of the feather detail is waiting for more Apoxie to be added.

The finished sculpture will be 24 inches tall, and is built on an oval ¾ inch plywood base with a 12 inch turntable attached to it. Inside there is an armature constructed of PVC pipe, chicken wire, and insulation foam. I know that sounds flimsy, but the “Aves Apoxie Sculpt” is the strongest material I’ve ever used (I dropped the head of the Owl before it was attached and it just bounced. No Breaks. No Cracks, No Dents- – -except for a scratch in the floor tile of my studio 🙂 Thanks for the great product!

Robert Walker

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