Featured Artist Ben Gitchell

Ben Gitchell - Featured Artist Profile

My name is Ben Gitchell, I am a freshman in college and over the past couple
years I have loved your product Apoxie sculpt. It is incredible how durable
it is and how it can be shaped and carved. I love to build props and
costumes from movies, primarily Star Wars. Since I started using your
product my work has increased in quality over time and I am so happy with
the results from Apoxie sculpt. It gives me the ability to be able to create
realistic looking things that originally are made out of cardboard. Whenever
I am asked what I use to harden my props I always recommend apoxie sculpt,
it is just the best. I wanted to share with you how much I like your product
and show you some things I have made using it.



Ben Gitchell










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