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Monster October

Work by Mark McGovern Like most plastic modelers, my father got me started in the hobby; that same year I came across the Aurora monster models (that were then being issued for the first time, which gives a clue as to my vintage).  From then on, I was hooked on the hobby and the genre. [...]

Wired Giggles

Art By Jane Clemmer I love using this product and have created a terrific "mission"  I started giving out my fun goofy people at church to sad/lonely, etc. folks and now they are going into nursing homes!  Wahoo.  Everyone is saying that they smile/giggle when they see these "Wired Giggles" on their counters/dressers, etc. and [...]

Cara Bevan – Life-like and whimsical animal sculptures

Cara Bevan is a professional artist who's been painting and sculpting since 2007. Growing up on a rescue farm and nature preserve in Trinity, NC, Cara developed a deep respect for animals and nature. With her experiences from their animal friends and family, she gained a desire to share the importance, beauty, and whimsy of [...]

My Son’s Favorite Video Game Character

Artist: Joe Oliveri   I had a lot of fun turning this DIY vinyl figure into my son's favorite video game character using Apoxie Sculpt. This was the first time I've used this wonderful product. It really is awesome! Apoxie Sculpt is very easy to use, and great to work with from start to finish. [...]

Swords and Daggers

A really creative mind, 3D printer and Aves Apoxie Sculpt were used to create these incredible Cosplay Daggers & Swords (Naryu Dagger, Stalhrim Dagger, Blade of Woe, Daedric Dagger, Dragonbone Sword, and Ebony & Glass casted Dagger) All the details are sculpted with Apoxie Sculpt. Arsynal Props France

Sculpture Projects – Thor, Bantha and Cthulhu

I am new to  sculpting (I am a hobby blacksmith and potter) and discovered Apoxie Sculpt when converting a commercial Piggy bank.  It was the first of several sculpts to come. I received a blue piggy bank from a drawing at my work.  Looking at it - I realized I wanted to convert it to [...]

Custom Action Figures

Artist: Adam Crohn Company: AC Custom Figures I make 6" super articulated custom action figures. Mostly superhero and sci-fi related characters. I usually start with a generic base, grind it down, and sculpt it back up with Aves Apoxie Sculpt. Then paint the figure. Products Used: I mostly use Aves 2 part Apoxie Sculpt. I [...]