Aves Vendor Program

Thank you for your interest in providing Aves products to your customers!

Our products have been extensively user tested and laboratory certified for over 35 years. Uniquely safe and easy to use, our clays require no ovens, kilns or special tools to make full use of these incredible synthetic clays & maches. Top artists and institutions worldwide use these products including: The Smithsonian and Gettysburg Museums, Minnesota and Tulsa Zoos, Underwater Adventures Aquarium at Mall of America, Pittsburgh Art Institute, Jurassic Park theme park, Reebok and Disney, just to give you an idea of the broad spectrum of users. Every day our products are being used around the world by educators and students, special FX & prop builders, taxidermists, wood carvers, model makers, sculptors of figurines/toys/dolls, jewelry artists, crafter’s, and repair persons of all skill levels. We are the multi-media artist’s best friend! We invite you to check our online gallery (enter gallery link here) see for yourself through the pictures & customer testimonials from these fields and many more! It’s loaded with artists’ works, product information and usage ideas to understand the sales potential for Aves products in your marketplace!  If you want to add theses product to your store then this next part is for you!

Mail : Aves Studio PO BOX 344, River Falls, WI 564016

Fax: 715-381-2121

Email : aves@avesstudio.com
Upon approval you will be sent our terms of agreement that look something like this:

A current and up to date Aves Vender Agreement is required for all venders.
Type of Sale: True Sale (No Buy Backs)
Terms of Sale: The undersigned must carry stock of all Aves products advertised by your company that are listed for sale in your catalogs and online stores. Your company agrees not to misrepresent, reproduce, re-portion, separate or repackage any of Aves products. (They must be sold in the original packaging! NO EXCEPTIONS).
: Volume Discounts are determined based on purchasing minimums and other factors.
Shipping & Delivery: Aves will not ship product without a current signed vender agreement. All shipping, freight, cartage and handling will be paid by the buyer. Shipping and handling instructions must be provided in order to ship products through your selected carrier. Aves will not drop ship to your customers, regardless of your circumstances. Aves is NOT a consolidation location; we will not receive goods from other vendors to consolidate your shipments at our location.
Remittance Details: All orders must be prepaid in U.S. currency. Payments should be made by Visa, Master or Discover Card, check, money order, paypal, or wire transfer unless credit exceptions have been made and approved by Aves Studio LLC.  Check payments should be mailed to: Aves Studio, LLC, PO Box 344 River Falls WI 54022. All international orders must be prepaid prior to shipping.
Should the company or the undersigned distribute/wholesale Aves products to persons or organizations other than to retail customers, the company/you must require those others to follow and abide by these same terms, and must provide to Aves Studio the names and contact information for those others prior to such distribution. Aves Studio, LLC reserves the right to freeze and/or terminate any account without notice that is, or is suspected to be, in violation of this vender agreement.


If you have any questions about the information here, our products and their uses, please contact us at anytime.
We look forward to your business and the ability to send customers your way!

We offer open accounts
Open accounts are available to Schools and businesses that have established an account with Aves® and have completed a credit application may purchase on-account via phone 715-386-9097 or email your PO to us aves@avesstudio.com

If you have not established an account yet, or have not completed a credit application, refer to the section below entitled “How do I setup an account?”

How do I set up an open account?
If you are a school or business and have never purchased from us follow these simple steps:

Contact our Order Dept.
Call the Order Department at 800-261-2837 (8:30am-5pm CT) and speak with an Aves® representative, about establishing an open account.

Fill out a Credit Application
We will email or fax you our Aves® credit application.  Open, print, and fax a completed credit application to our Credit Department at 715-381-2121. Your order will be filled when your account has been approved (allow 3-5 business days after we receive your fax.)

Qualifying accounts will have a retail store in a business or studio with regular advertised operating hours (example M-F  9 – 3).  AND OR – publish a catalog.  -If you have your own business website that supplies other products to your customers other than one through Amazon, ebay or etsy……..……