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Got Shells? Video Lesson on Make it Artsy If you have sea shells we have the perfect project for you! Using Aves FIXIT SCULPT our resident artist Erin Gerlach shows you how to turn a jar of shells into a fantastic piece of art! Get FIXIT SCULPT so you can be ready to make one of these projects yourself!

Step-by-step Instructions for Serving Trays

GoodWill finds are the BEST for up-cycled art! Check out these picture frames that are repurposed with  Apoxie Sculpt as gorgeous serving trays!! A favorite frame becomes a beautiful serving tray with Aves Resident artist Erin Gerlach. This really unique project re-purposes wood picture frames and makes them a completely functional one of a...

Make it Artsy 600 Series Sneak Peek!

Aves® resident artist Erin Gerlach is coming to a TV near you on the PBS show Make it Artsy!  Get a FREE up-close, personal lesson using Apoxie® Sculpt in your own home. See below for Sneak peeks of these projects!  

Custom coral tank aquarium project

Artist: Randall Douglas Douglas Illustration, NY This is my 58 gallon mixed reef which just turned 19 years old this month. The large hammer coral on the right is supported by a shelf I made several years ago which allows for easy fragging, which occurs about twice a year. This is the shelf, which...

Amazing Mandala Style Mosaic

Check out Michele Petno and her newest mosaic video course “Amazing Mandala Style Mosaic”  available at . Watch the video below for more details. Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube station at for free INTROS to all classes and future courses. Watch the FREE mosaic safety video now!

Make it Artsy – Upcycle Vintage Bottles

Sandra Evertson upcycles vintage bottles to make trendy Boho decor in Episode 310 of Make it Artsy! 310 – Finishing Touches: Check out Sandra Evertson's up-cycled vintage bottles to make trendy Boho decor with Aves Apoxie Sculpt. Make It Artsy 300 series is scheduled to start airing on Public Television stations across the country on...

The Making of Vargas

Many people inquire as to how I create Dragons. This is a step-by-step tutorial showing the creation of Vargas the Stone Tyrant over a period of five months. It begins with Aluminum foil shaped into the basic form of the base that the Dragon will occupy. Aluminum foil creates the form of the body and...