Custom Funko Pops

custom funko pops

About the Artist: Kat Jennings

I have been sculpting for several years. I have made everything from commissions to original works of art. My most recent and most successful endeavor has been making custom Funko Pops for people.

About the Art: Custom Funko Pops

I have been sculpting in clay and making custom Funko pops for the last couple years. I was getting disappointed with the lack of durability in polymer clay and it was holding me back from really putting my work out there. I tried the Apoxie Sculpt and it has been a game changer. My business has been growing and flourishing now that I feel free to sculpt pretty much anything my heart desires without being afraid it will break.

I recently discovered that I can use the Apoxie Sculpt to make my master sculpts for later casting in resin in higher quantities. No more hand sculpting them one at a time.

If you’d like to see my other work you can follow me on Instagram @skinwalker_labs, hope to see you there!

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