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Episode 312 of Make it Artsy

Debbi Simon sculpts artful household hardware drawer pulls from Apoxie Sculpt! Order Your Apoxie Sculpt! Check out Sandra Evertson transforms candlesticks into art with Aves Apoxie Sculpt and found objects. Order Your Apoxie Sculpt! Look over, under and all around for creative ideas on episode 312. It airs on the Make It Artsy website starting at noon on Friday June 15, 2018 and runs for [...]

What Types of Tools to Use

I mentioned something about Tools... I talked about various kinds of tools. Pictured; are the silicone rubber tipped tools that I think everyone should have when working with Aves®. They have different nibs on the ends of various shapes. I prefer to use the conical tip, or the bladed tip for scribing wrinkles in skin. [...]

Gourd Embellishment

Aves Apoxie Sculpt How to embellish a gourd…OH MY! by Sherry Goshon Supplies 1lb of Black Aves Apoxie Sculpt Clean Gourd Sculpting tool or tooth pick The end of a paint brush Brown leather dye Black spray paint Acrylic paints…red, purple and green Gold rub and buff Green rub and buff Tassel Small sponge Paint [...]

Fun with Aves

What is Aves? Aves? Aves is Aves® Studio. The manufacturer of some of the finest sculpting and taxidermy materials on the planet. They make a variety of clay, and mache's. You will not find a better variety of material to work with. These blogged articles are going to be dedicated to Aves® Apoxie® Sculpt, and [...]

Aves Apoxie Sculpt Beginner’s Guide

Rebecca Schumacher Here’s a Beginner's Tutorial for using Aves Apoxie Sculpt, the two part ambient set epoxy putty I sculpt with.  I work in layers with my pieces and will be writing this up to suit my methods. This is in no way associated with anyone or anything else, just the way I [...]