3-D Mosaics with Apoxie Sculpt

Work by Gwen Conchewski

“I love using Apoxie Sculpt in my 3-D mosaic projects. In my work, I use Apoxie Sculpt for maybe 15 minutes at a time. Some projects, 15 minutes is all the whole project needed. My last project I used it to smooth a 3-D bird figure, recreate its broken off nose and as an adhesive for 3-D decorative items. The bird is only about 6″ tall. I often use Apoxie Sculpt in narrow snakes to attach ball chain or strings of beads that I use in outlining, often sticking it in narrow gaps that I don’t want the Apoxie to be outside of. Which requires careful finger work and gloves that are not too loose. I’d like to give your sculpting gloves a try!

In case you are curious, here are a few photos of my goofy projects. Apoxie Sculpt was used in each of these along with other adhesives, paint, A clay called Pal Tiya etc. The first was made for a mosaic contest with the theme “Turquoise”, the next “Doll parts”, the third “Mythical creatures (mine is a Jackalope)”. The turquoise contest is still running. The other two won their contests. (No prizes, just for fun).

2 thoughts on “3-D Mosaics with Apoxie Sculpt

  1. Jose says:

    Saludos soy supernuevo y nesesito hacer una copia de una figura de caballo de un pies de grande que sea de plastico duro que consejo me das . gracias antisipadas

    • Erin Gerlach says:

      Parece que necesitas un molde. Knead-A-Mould es un molde de silicona que se mezcla a mano y se aplica a su fugure para replicarlo … si el caballo tiene muchos detalles, puede probar Brush-A-Mould. Vendemos ambos aquí: https://avesstudio.com/product-category/tools/
      entonces puede usar cualquiera de nuestros productos de arcilla para llenar este molde; )

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