Cara Bevan – Life-like and whimsical animal sculptures

Cara Bevan is a professional artist who’s been painting and sculpting since 2007. Growing up on a rescue farm and nature preserve in Trinity, NC, Cara developed a deep respect for animals and nature. With her experiences from their animal friends and family, she gained a desire to share the importance, beauty, and whimsy of our animal counterparts. Her work focuses on creating life-like and whimsical animal sculptures made from gourds, wire, clays, and other mixed media.

She learned how to create from gourds from her grandmother, who grew many of the gourds she uses. Cara uses a combination of wire and air-drying clays added to gourd armatures she assembles. She’s self-taught and has experimented with many mediums, techniques, and ideas through trial and error. Although she’s used many varieties of air-drying and curing 2-part clays, her favorite sculpting medium is Apoxie Sculpt. With it, every feather, scale, hair, and detail can be meticulously sculpted and retain its fine details. It’s the details in her work she finds important – also relaxing, no matter how tedious.

Each sculpture is hand painted with acrylics, no detail is spared. She’s created custom work for clients, galleries, museums, as well as sculptures to show at festivals and events. From miniatures two inches tall, to a life-sized baby giraffe, nothing is beyond her reach. You can contact Cara Bevan at . To see more of her work, visit her artist’s website at

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