Sculpture Projects – Thor, Bantha and Cthulhu

I am new to  sculpting (I am a hobby blacksmith and potter) and discovered Apoxie Sculpt when converting a commercial Piggy bank.  It was the first of several sculpts to come.

I received a blue piggy bank from a drawing at my work.  Looking at it – I realized I wanted to convert it to a stylized and personalized version of the Bantha from Star Wars- a New Hope.  This was a one off- and was a gift to a friend who is quite a fan.  I used hot glue to anchor aluminium foil as bases for the mouth, horns and tail.  Then this was covered with polymer clay, and baked.  I then tried Apoxie for the first time here.  I used it to sculpt the saddle, saddle blankets, bags and other details.  I love the versatility of this product!

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