Sculpting with Aves Apoxie Sculpt

Work by Fred Ingham

My name is Fred Ingham, I am a working man, employed as Grave Digger in Detroit, Michigan, for over 30 years.
When I am not working or spending time with the family and pets, I have many hobbies, all which include some form of art, such as drawings, paintings, clay sculpture, tattooing, and creating music.

When I was young, I was in a Punk Band named Bored Youth (Detroit), in which the band will be in an upcoming Documentary about Detroit Punk Bands (Spring 2020). Currently I write and create new music under the name Three Decades Dead.  In the past I was also a Tattoo artist and a Pipe Carver (out of Briar Wood).

My real passion is sculpting, in which I have I have many dolls/statues out of Polymer Clay which was a good product, as it did  not require a Kiln.
Since I create Do-it-yourself arts, I was recently creating a figurine out of Polymer clay of myself and wife, which ended up cracking in the oven. Frustrated to say the least, I looked on the Internet for a self-hardening clay product, that would be tougher than Polymer clay. At this time I discovered a You-tube video of a cool looking young lady (with Tattoos and Colored hair) and decided I would try your product (Aves White Sculpt), which she was promoting.

I always wanted to make a Renaissance style bust, in which I decided to make my first one out out your product (Aves White Sculpt), which I named the sculpture Resurrection (Bust of  Christ). I was so impressed with the product and how  durable it was, as well as fun to use. I was enjoying working with the product so much, as the durability was outstanding,

I then made two additional statues, one of Lemmy (from an old band named Motorhead) and a sculpture of a Friends Amazon Parrot on a a tree branch. What the next statues will be are still undetermined, but I know it will be exciting.

I am looking forward to making many more statues with your product.
Thank you so much!

Fred Ingham from Detroit, Michigan

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