Featured Artist Cheryl Cohen

Dearest Aves Studio,

Apoxie Sculpt has totally changed how I teach in my mosaic art studio!  I teach all types of mosaic art in my studio, but creation of 3D mosaic succulents that resemble the real world is my specialty!

I’ve made hundreds of succulents, out of all different types of pottery, china, and stained glass.  I was fascinated with learning what type of crockery would work and what didn’t work and why, or what plates were too thick or too brittle.  Then I expanded into also making succulents using rocks and glass beads. Next, to enhance its coloration and natural look, I started coloring the Apoxie Sculpt green making leaves and greenery.

In addition, I love walking in the woods and gathering materials for my work.  Over time I learned how to preserve the wood to be used as a natural-looking base to showcase my succulent mosaic creations. Thank you so much for this amazing product, I couldn’t make succulents without it!

Cheryl Cohen

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