Featured Artist Lori Fadale-Wilkins

Lori Fadale-Wilkins is a studio and jewelry artist living in Kirkwood, New York. Her work covers a variety of subjects, from nature to steampunk themed one of a kind art jewelry pieces. “Each piece begins with a glimmer of an idea that slowly, gradually, begins to show itself. I immerse myself in the details.”


Dear Aves Studio,

I am an artist, and jewelry creator. Having a background in studio art, my work space is quite a crazy mixed bag of painting, drawing, beadwork, and jewelry pieces. I love everything from the soft shapes of nature to the metals and mayhem of steampunk. I began working with Apoxie Sculpt about ten years ago in my art jewelry pieces. Apoxie Sculpt quickly became my beloved medium to work with, it is so perfectly suited to bringing my creations to life. My work is highly detailed, and I work my pieces in layers, over the course of several days. This is the only medium I have found that enables me to take as much time as I need with each piece, and also get the fine level of detail I seek. Its strong adherence allows me to build layers, and incorporate inclusions, mica powders, and tints, as well as providing a substrate or housing for resins.It is so strong, in fact, I can use it to create bails to hold the rest of the focal, for example, the Acorn Necklace, pictured here. I used Apoxie Sculpt to create the bail, leaf, and the acorn. Each of the pieces pictured were created using Apoxie Sculpt. Even though I begin each piece with a plan in mind, it often takes creative detours and turns I didn’t expect. I’m happy to say that Apoxie Sculpt has cooperatively handled each diversion from the original plan! With so many possibilities in one medium, I can always rely on it to do everything I need, which leaves me free to concentrate on the actual creating part of art, pure joy!
Thank you, Aves for such a wonderful product, I literally would not have been able to make these pieces (that I am truly thrilled with!), if I didn’t have Apoxie Sculpt. I can’t wait to see what else comes to life from it!

Lori Fadale-Wilkins
Instagram handle: @LFWstudio
To view my work, visit: LFWstudio.etsy.com


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