Featured Artist Martha McMullin

“I just love using Apoxie for a number of things but now I’m getting really serious about using it creatively.”

I got the original horse head from a friend for free (she was throwing it out) because it was broken into many little pieces. Some pieces were the size of a quarter. I put it into a box and just left it until I had time to see if it was salvageable.

As I was visiting a gourd farm in Northern Ontario on a holiday about 10 yrs ago I saw in their office they were selling the 4 lb containers of Apoxie Sculpt. They explained what it was and I was hooked! Brought it back to Colorado. I also bought some from Amazon. THEN I found your great website and all the suggestions!!!!

I used it to fix the puzzle pieces (took forever) and fill in empty holes by trial and error.
Too soft in the beginning, let it set for a while etc etc. Then I rolled it like pizza dough and smoothed it all over the body and reconstructed the ears and nose. It’s pretty bumpy in some places but I left it as such to avoid sanding and thickness. The mane was made by rolling the clay into thin noodles.

The final product took about 5 months to finish because I was always changing my mind as to the design (leathers, cords, gels etc). I built a box out of scrap wood and inserted it inside using some serious glue. Then used Apoxie to fill the gaps around the box and head. All in all it weighs close to 25 lbs. That’s it!!! Sorry for the long explanation but it was an adventure I had to share.

Yours truly,
Martha McMullin

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