Featured Artist Anne Cao

Featured Artist Anne Cao

I have only been doing mosaic art for 3 years, and am in love with mosaics. I use Apoxie Sculpt as my GO-TO adhesive for my work. I’m 76 years old, too bad that I didn’t start earlier in life!

I never considered myself to be an artist but needed some form of entertainment and creativity during our Covid shutdown in Ontario, Canada.  After watching a bunch of YouTube videos, I settled on mosaics, specifically pique assiette mosaic, using old and found items (thrift store finds). This “Underwater Fantasy” was a ceramic lamp base that I was going to use as a stand for my blue-ringed octopus.

I found Apoxie Sculpt when I was shopping for another item at Sculpture Supply in


Toronto. I read the literature and was anxious to try it. Wow, talk about opening up another

world. I could mix colors, use it as an adhesive (it sticks just about anything to anything), and make things out of it – that definitely isn’t artist speak. Lol. I started to make the sea bottom on this lamp base, I got a little carried away. Soon, it was obvious that it needed to be a piece on its own. The large fish are salt shakers, but all the little fish and the jellyfish are made of Apoxie Sculpt.

Apoxie Sculpt is definitely my adhesive of choice for most projects. Very little of my work is on level surfaces. Glass, china, and tile pieces stay where I put them, most of my materials are not the same thickness. This product allows me to level them up for a more even surface and they don’t slip down,  giving me much more control and I’m a control freak.  I also like to create little accents like the little fish on this piece and the fishtail on top. They don’t need to be fired, good thing because I don’t have a kiln. I painted my fish with porcelain paint and baked them in the oven so they look like they are glazed!

I find that for pendants, it is so easy to blend any color and then use it for adhesive and grout in one. I just fill the trays, and remove the extra, smoothing it with water or Aves Safety Solvent and a Q-tip.

Oh my, I even used it as fill when we were repainting our BOAT. Sanded beautifully!


Big thanks to Aves for creating this product, so I can be more creative.

Anne Cao
Upcycle Annie Studio

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