Featured Artist Deborah Hill

Deborah Hill FrogThis piece won first prize in the Fayette, AL contest for the most creative piece. It celebrates the early founding of Fayette and the name of its train depot, Frog Level, so named for the journey through marshlands outside town.

The town purchases the fiberglass frog and then artists submit drawings and artists are then chosen. Almost every feature on the frog is sculpted out of Apoxie Sculpt including the snail on its shoulder, the lady bug on the hat, the hat, bowtie, mustache, etc. It proudly sits in front of the Fayette art museum/civic center.




Deborah has also done similar art for businesses in the nearby city of Jasper. “A mule that Deborah did for a 3 woman group of OBGYN’s. Notice the high heeled shoes, long eyelashes, diaper bag with bottle all Apoxie Sculpt!

Hope you enjoy this very creative use of your great product and I’ll send you a picture of her latest mule which is really over the top. Jasper was a coal mining town and mules brought up the coal from down in the mine ergo the use of the mule for public art. She also used to do cows for the city of Houston where we lived.

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