NerdECrafters “Not Another Crap Kit”

NerdECrafter’s Not Another Crap Kit features a variety of exclusive NerdECrafter art materials not sold anywhere else! This carefully curated craft kit includes all the tools you need to successfully create your very own creatures. Follow along with NerdECrafter’s exclusive video tutorials included with every box.

And in case you haven’t seen it, the Youtuber Graveyard Loon had a great mention of Apoxie Sculpt while he was adding details to his piece at 4:10.

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7 thoughts on “NerdECrafters “Not Another Crap Kit”

  1. Taylor Settles says:

    People who asking to restock its impossible due to the fact it created by muse kit and nerdecrafter herself this box is almost two years old they are completely sold out n never going to be made again

  2. Shane Martin says:

    Hey there Jackie. Love ur channel. I just started and would like to get nit another crap kit. I hope u can help me out. I will pay….or even if u can just sell me the lil guy mold. That would even b gr8! So please if u can help me out. That would b awesome.

  3. Shane Martin says:

    Sorry, I just started watching ur Channel about 4 months ago. I think it was, maybe a lil longer… I was hoping you could help me out and make another crap kit for me to buy. I love that lil man mold. Or if u can just sell the lil man mold. I would be gr8 full..

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