Bee & Butterfly Basin Project

Just wanted to say ‘Hi” and share my enthusiasm for your Bee & Butterfly Basin project idea. I added Hummingbirds to my list of desired pollinator invitees and I’ve apoxied a glass Hummingbird feeder to the top of the stack.  So fun.  No visitors yet but they are puurty fun anyway so I’m waiting patiently for guests to arrive.

You inspired me to combine tall body gourds with ceramic cast offs and I think I’m building a sculpture garden at this point.  ;o)

Thanks for the great idea!

~ Carol Signore



1 thoughts on “Bee & Butterfly Basin Project

  1. Sherri Trout says:

    For outdoor use which is the best for repairing broken items made from gourds or metal. I have used your apoxy sculpt and it works but for larger items it becomes very expensive. Amy ideas would be helpful.

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