Using a High-Grade Epoxy Sculpting Product with Bonsai

Cheryl Sykora

I have seen cheap, uncolored 2-part epoxy products used by professionals with remarks on the odor encountered during application. There are better products on the market, people! They come in a variety of colors that can be blended to match the tree, the pot, or whatever else you are using them for.

I use Aves Brand Apoxie-Sculpt® which comes in small packages in a variety of colors that can be blended to create the color you want. Epoxies are a 2-part system. The colorant is in one part and the catalyst to make it hard is the other part. “Pea-sized” pieces can be blended to produce the color you want. Dries a little less wet looking. For the blue Yamaki pot that was broke, I used a strong glue and applied blue colored apoxie sculpt mixed with white to tone down the blue, filled the fine cracks,  and followed by applying gold powder to uncured epoxy surface to give that fine gold line effect.

Read the full article here (PDF)

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