Fused Glass Art and Apoxie Sculpt

Artist: Teddy Devereux

These 3 pieces are called, “Augmented Eternity” (about sending our memories to the next generation), “Mother Nature’s Daughters”, and “Regrets” (about a close person dying (or leaving), and you haven’t said enough before they are gone).  These pieces are fused glass on aluminum or driftwood and are heavy.

I needed something very strong – hence Apoxie Sculpt, used in the sleeves of the hands, to attach the hands to the aluminum or wood.  They have held up very well.  I first used Apoxie Sculpt to attach 4 generations of hands to the driftwood, “Mother Nature’s Daughters.  It looks so natural that people have asked me how I attached them.  Also, I have been very happy that the Apoxie Sculpt has not shrunk or expanded in that the glass is still very well attached but also not cracked over time.

The pieces were created 2-5 years ago.


3 thoughts on “Fused Glass Art and Apoxie Sculpt

  1. james lane says:

    Have Aves creative team ever thought of a clear Epoxy Sculp, that does not yellow?
    I think these is a need for this product.

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