April Classes

Rachel Sager

Rachel Sager is offering a series of online mosaic courses, some of which depend heavily on Apoxie Sculpt as an adhesive for my Intuitive Malmischiato.

Two online courses that make use of Apoxie Sculpt as adhesive 100%.

Malmischiato 1.0
Malmischiato 2.0


Cheryl Cohen

Cheryl Cohen Mosaics Art Center Come join the fun!  My new online classes Create Mosaic Succulents, Create Mosaic Pendants and Create a Mosaic Garden Globe are open for registration.

Create Mosaic Succulents
Create a Mosaic Garden Globe
Mixed Media Using Natural Materials

Bonnie Fitzgerald

Bonnie Fitzgerald is offering several interactive on-line classes. Her company, Maverick Mosaics & Clay Studio, uses Apoxie Sculpt Clay and Paste as the best adhesive for many projects including her “Tiny Treasures: Mosaic Jewelry” workshop.

Sign up here! and other workshops at maverickmosaics.com

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