Featured Artist: Teri Mazzola

“In 2023 I decided to try sculpting with clay for the first time. I went big and did an International Art Contest called Art Prize 2023 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I was selected as a Top 25 Jurors Finalist. 85% of the Sculpture was done with Aves Apoxie Sculpt.

Teri Mazzola – Jenison Mi

The Lost Monarch Angel

In a world threatened by an environmental crisis, my art celebrates the monarch butterfly’s beauty and its vital connection to our planet. “The Lost Monarch Angel” – Wings of Remembrance is a heartfelt reflection on life, loss, and hope.

This hand-crafted angel sculpture, made with care and precision, embodies the plight of monarch butterflies in Mexico’s Central Highlands, where their rainforest habitat is disappearing rapidly. It’s a visual plea for conservation.

The butterfly’s life cycle mirrors our own journey, symbolizing hope, and nature’s resilience. This project is also a tribute to my late mother-in-law, Sandy Mazzola, who passed on June 14th, 2023, and a reminder of our loved ones’ enduring presence in the tapestry of life.

Through “The Lost Monarch Angel” – Wings of Remembrance I invite viewers to contemplate life’s delicate balance, the urgency of conservation, and the beauty in vulnerability. This work honors Sandy and all those we’ve lost, inspiring us to protect our ecosystems and cherish our loved ones’ eternal spirits.

Dedicated to the memory of; Charles Di Piazza (1986), my father, whose inspiration led me to become a professional artist. His legacy lives on in my work.

Mary Van’t Hof (2017), my mother, best friend, and unwavering source of love and support. We miss you all dearly every day!

Teri Mazzola

Teri Mazzola Gallery

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“I was a finalist using Aves Apoxie Sculpt and I highly recommend using it for sculptures!”

– Teri Mazzola

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