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Meet the Artist: Cristina Zinnia Galliher

Artful Gathering was established in 2009 by Cristina Zinnia Galliher. She has been an artist all her life and has been presenting online art workshops and artists for nearly ten years. Prior to the founding of Artful Gathering, Zinnia established Roses On My, where she shares her art interests with an open heart. Zinnia created primitive folk art for several years, representing her art creations in doll making and sculpting. She has studied many art genres throughout her life, and continues to develop her art daily.

From the Artist

As a mixed media artist, my art work requires me to use clay in many different capacities. For this reason, there is not a universal clay that can be used to do every kind of project.  The qualities of any one of Aves clays are suitable for different work. Over the years, the more I experimented and tested out the different clay products produced by Aves, I learned where each type of clay application was best suited, depending on the look I was going for. Once you learn the quality of the clay, you get better at deciding how you want to employ them.

I am a huge fan of Aves Paper Mache and Clay Shay because of it’s professional quality and economy. You can make what you need as you need it. This allows for artists to easily store the unmixed powder for long periods of time so that you can order in bulk. I also appreciate how well these products can be worked so that I am able to achieve a paint surface that adds to the pleasure of working with it.



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