Design Earth Elemental Hands

By Claude Raymond

This Stone Elemental Hand is my second build of this type and this one was made with 4 fingers and a thumb making it look a little more human than the first build. It also has a slightly larger “Palm Planter”.

The Palm Planters on my Stone Elemental Hands are rubber coated and water tight. I also seal the palm to prevent water damage over time to the model. The hands are meant for indoor display and should never be left outside for the elements to damage them. The hand is meant to have a live house plant growing in its palm. Or if you don’t have a green thumb at all you can put some fake plants into the palm, but I really love the concept of growing a living plant in the palm for a Stone Elemental hand


The Stone Elemental Hand starts of as Papier-mâché balls that are attached together to form the shape I want. They measure roughly 15 to 16 inches from fingertip to wrist and 9 inches across at the palm. I then use Aves Studio’s ClayShay to coat and shape my Papier-mâché balls. Once I’m happy with the look and it’s dried for a couple days I’ll give the Stone Elemental Hand a little sanding.




My next step is to add some more texture and get a base primer coat onto the model followed up by an acrylic base coat and dry brushing.






In the end the hands look some like this….


The three finger Earth Elemental Hand has some Chicks and Hens growing in the palm and is off at its owner’s home now. The four fingered hand is being displayed with a fake flower and ivy in the palm planter.


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