Custom Outdoor Sculpture with Apoxie Sculpt

Work by Kris Connors

“I thought you might enjoy some pics of things I’ve made using your Apoxie Sculpt and Clay. Thanks for your great products!

Kris Connors”

Since 2004, Kris Connors has been creating custom sculpture and dimensional carved signs for customers all around the US and abroad. Custom Sculpture & Sign Co. is located in the beautiful mountains of Appalachia in Nickelsville Virginia. The custom sculptures range from wildlife and human figures to theme park design and architectural elements. They are created using a variety of materials including bronze, wood, foam, resin, concrete, metal and clay. Kris uses Aves Apoxie Sculpt on many projects to create critical details. Whether it be for setting gorilla eyes, or creating fur textures or delicate facial elements or Kodiak bear claws, Apoxie Sculpt is Kris’s go to material to meet the creative needs of each project.

You can check out Kris’s extensive gallery at or visit his shop at:

Custom Sculpture & Sign Co. – 127 Wampler St., Nickelsville, Virginia 24271



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