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Apoxie Sculpt has changed my life as an artist. As an influencer on the international mosaic scene, I send students and fellow artists to your miracle products regularly.

As the owner and curator of The Ruins Project, I am reaching thousands of artists all over the globe and encouraging them to work towards mosaic excellence while doing their part to become a part of a much larger story here in the ruins of a Pennsylvania coal mine.

My past teaching and art has relied almost exclusively on thinset mortar as an adhesive but since jumping down the rabbit hole of micromosaic, the extremely tiny glass tesserae lends itself perfectly to Apoxie Sculpt. And is quite addictive! It is important for my mosaic work to use a “bed” and not simply a one dimensional glue and that is where Apoxie Sculpt really shines. It acts as both adhesive and grout, much the way mortar does but without the mess.

My first glimpse of Apoxie Sculpt was at a conference for The Society of American Mosaic Artists. Being a forager and stone mosaicist, jewelry had never interested me. Until all of the sudden, I saw that tiny world open up before me, partly because of how accessible and easy your products are to work with. Three years later, and I cannot imagine my studio without at least four of the big buckets of it on hand at all times.

Besides jewelry-making, it has become a key player in my fine art studio pieces and as the go to adhesive for small works at The Ruins Project. The Tiny Ring Wall and The Feather Project in particular are benefitting from the exterior-friendly nature of this miracle adhesive.

~ Rachel Sager

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