Apoxie Sculpt Pendants

Artist: Kevin Wilson.  @healing_stones_for_you

In its workable state, I find that Apoxie Sculpt is very pliable without excessive tearing and it accepts and holds even the tiniest of textures without sticking to an implement. I typically let my jewelry pieces cure for a full 24 hours, in which time the Apoxie Sculpt turns rock hard without any shrinking. I can then put the piece through the electroplating process; the Apoxie Sculpt readily accepts both the conductive graphite paint and the metal plating without any issues, and the final result is excellent.

2 thoughts on “Apoxie Sculpt Pendants

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  2. Rebecca Booth says:

    I would love to see a demo on the creation of a pendant like this. Especially the cutting and the electroplating process. FYI, the link above does not take me to the correct show. Thanks!

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