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The Repair of Lady Death

By: Erin Gerlach Supply List Drill with small bit sizes Dremel tool Devcon 5 minute epoxy glue Thick and thin wire Wire cutter Fixit® Sculpt Fixit® Repair putty - black Apoxie® Safety Solvent Various sculpting tools Paint brush and micro brushes ASSESSING THE DAMAGE AND PLANNING THE REPAIR There is a saying in the building [...]

Fixing the Dreaded “KC-135 Outer Wing Droop”

When AMT/ERTL designed their KC-135 Stratotanker kit series (the EC-135 kit is a previously unreleased version of this series), they wanted to get the thinnest possible plastic parts. This was their first effort in designing and tooling a model aircraft kit from the ground up. As a result, the wing and fuselage parts are marvelously [...]

Modern “Apoxies” Restore Award Winning Doll

by Dwaine Gipe  The Little Cherub, a 1937 Composition by Harriet Flanders, was restored by Dwaine Gipe, and won a 1st place in the 2002 National Doll Doctors’ Association Restoration Contest. The restoration was done primarily using products by Aves Studio. The three products used were Apoxie® Sculpt, Apoxie® Paste, and Apoxie® Safety Solvent. The [...]

Hints and Tips

Subject: Repairing and Coloring Antlers Author: Larry Reese, Wildlife Artistry Taxidermy E-Mail: larry@wildlifeartistry.com After repairing antlers I have always tried to blend/paint the repair to match the original antler. I was never satisfied with the results so I began to experiment until I developed a method I like which would give me consistent, lifelike results. [...]

The Dragon Project

Ignorance is bliss or something like that. My name is Sandi Sturgeon and I am the owner of Steel Tattoos & Body Paint.  I do custom powder coating, airbrushing, and hand engraving mainly  for the motorcycle and automotive sector.  But I will work on anything if it fits in my paint booth and powder coating [...]