Featured Artist Audrey Miller

Audrey Miller

This bottle was commissioned as a wedding present. I wanted to create something that was both decorative and commemorative of their special day and functional for both indoors and out.  The letter M was created with Apoxie Sculpt. I printed the M in my chosen font and size, using it as a stencil to carve the general shape, then smoothing the edges and placing it on the bottle. Once fully hardened, I painted it, baked it and sealed the entire bottle with resin. Intended as an outdoor Tikki lamp, but functional for indoor liquids storage, or kitchen décor.

Piece by Audrey Miller of AudreyArt Shop

2 thoughts on “Featured Artist Audrey Miller

    • Erin Gerlach says:

      Baking is not necessary – however some artists want to speed up the curing process so they gently heat their sculptures. Other times they are using bake-able glazes or incorporating polymer clay’s which do require baking.

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