Helm of Yngol

I use Apoxie Sculpt for this kind of work due to the simplicity of it, it has a great workable consistency and a fantastic working time. There is always plenty of time to really refine the sculpt without the feeling of having to rush. The strength and hardness after curing is also a huge benefit.

Scott McMaster, SMC Props, Australia

2 thoughts on “Helm of Yngol

  1. ed Macomber says:

    I am curious, did you do the actual head area as one complete sheet, or did you work it in sections. I understand you can fuse areas together by using a slip-type mixture of water and the material. Is that your experience? What a wonderful piece. I am going to attempt a fireman’s helmet fro a local FD project.

    • Erin Gerlach says:

      Thank you for your comments! We are not the artists of this fabulous work – however from the look of it this would have been applied in section, probably rolled it out and laid it on to ensure equal thickness, but also could have just been a total hand application – that is the beauty of this product, you can work in stages and come back days later and add more product. Aves Safety Solvent was used for smoothing (its great for that), and likely some sanding after to get it that smooth. any more questions on this or about our products eamil us aves@avesstudio.com Happy sculpting!

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