Featured Artist Jim and Kathleen Mazzotta

Featured Artist Mazzotta

We found out about Apoxie Sculpt  from a gallery customer of ours years ago. She worked for a movie studio out in Hollywood and said the crew used it for quick sculpting for set pieces or costumes when they needed a custom item quickly for a shot. She told us “You have to get this […]

Featured Artist Kelly Burns

Good evening! My name is Kelly Burns and I am a 3D tumbler maker. I’ve been using Apoxie Sculpt for about a year now for my tumblers. I consider myself the “black sheep” of the 3D tumbler community by using this instead of polymer clay, and have been striving hard to teach others about your […]

NerdECrafters “Not Another Crap Kit”

NerdECrafter’s Not Another Crap Kit features a variety of exclusive NerdECrafter art materials not sold anywhere else! This carefully curated craft kit includes all the tools you need to successfully create your very own creatures. Follow along with NerdECrafter’s exclusive video tutorials included with every box. And in case you haven’t seen it, the Youtuber […]

Bee & Butterfly Basin Project

Just wanted to say ‘Hi” and share my enthusiasm for your Bee & Butterfly Basin project idea. I added Hummingbirds to my list of desired pollinator invitees and I’ve apoxied a glass Hummingbird feeder to the top of the stack.  So fun.  No visitors yet but they are puurty fun anyway so I’m waiting patiently for guests […]