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Featured Artist Donna Boman

Using Nature to inspire Creations “Hello, here are some pictures of my T-rex dinosaur rock and my python snake using your awesome epoxy putty. Apoxie Sculpt is so amazing and easy to use; I absolutely love it!!!”   About the Artist Donna uses nature to inspire her creations, check out the rock she found and [...]

Featured Artist Jim and Kathleen Mazzotta

Featured Artist Mazzotta
We found out about Apoxie Sculpt  from a gallery customer of ours years ago. She worked for a movie studio out in Hollywood and said the crew used it for quick sculpting for set pieces or costumes when they needed a custom item quickly for a shot. She told us “You have to get this [...]

Featured Artist Jarrid Scott

Jarrid Scott is a mixed media artist, illustrator, muralist and printmaker born in Dawson Springs, Kentucky. Jarrid received his BFA in Illustration at Savannah College of Art and Design in Atlanta. He is also the artist behind the Hungry series and Change Planter, a sculpted planter with an upcycled plastic base. Each design is wildly unique and plays a part in Jarrid's role [...]

Fused Glass Art and Apoxie Sculpt

Artist: Teddy Devereux These 3 pieces are called, “Augmented Eternity” (about sending our memories to the next generation), “Mother Nature’s Daughters”, and “Regrets” (about a close person dying (or leaving), and you haven’t said enough before they are gone).  These pieces are fused glass on aluminum or driftwood and are heavy. I needed something very strong – [...]