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February Classes

Rachel Sager is offering a series of online mosaic courses, some of which depend heavily on Apoxie Sculpt as an adhesive for my Intuitive Malmischiato. Two online courses that make use of Apoxie Sculpt as adhesive 100%. Malmischiato 1.0 Malmischiato 2.0   Christi Friesen is offering the Seahorse Mosaic Magic class, starting Jan. 30!   [...]

Aves now Offering Local Twin Cities Metro Area Classes through Cheers Pablo in Hudson Wi

SteamPunk Dragon Boxes November 17th 1:00pm - 3:30 pm Location: Cheers Pablo In Hudson WI, ages 17 & up $75/box Click here to Sign up!  - You will be making a fantasy dragon box with air dry epoxy clay! Converting an old cigar box with Apoxie Sculpt, into a dragon! (mosaics fans will love this [...]

Mosaic Classes

Mosaic Classes
Check out these classes by Minneapolis Mosaic Artist Sharra Frank

Episode 404 of Make it Artsy

404 All about Brushes Michael deMeng has a project entitled “good brushes gone bad”; as discarded brushes are the actual base of strange creatures out of Apoxie Clay! Order Apoxie Clay! Brushes are the first tool for many artists or are they? Host Julie Fei Fan Balzer opens with a Vincent Van Gogh inspired painting where she [...]

Make it Artsy – Sculpt household hardware

312 – Under and Over Look over, under and all around for creative ideas. Debbi Simon sculpts artful household hardware from clay. Candie Cooper embosses on leather and Sandra Evertson transforms candlesticks into art with clay and found objects. Jane Dunnewold talks about setting goals. Cut, emboss and paint metal on segment 308-1 with Julie [...]

Beautiful Bezel Pendants with Lynne Simon Suprock

What a creative Apoxie Sculpt tutorial; Learn how to mix, smooth, paint, and seal Aves Apoxie Sculpt with Lynne Simon Suprock so that you can design beautiful bezel pendants. Apoxie Sculpt air dries rock hard, and has a porcelain like finish. Absolutely gorgeous color effects can be achieved when used with Alcohol Inks!

Classes at 2018 Bead & Button Show

I hope 2018 is starting out wonderfully for you. As the days begin to get longer, perhaps you’re thinking ahead to Spring and anticipating the annual Bead&Button Show in June! Online browsing is available now, and you can Register for your Show Badge here FYI: Show Badge Registration is required before you can register for [...]

Artful gatherings Halloween Workshop

Artful Gathering Online Art Retreats is an original online art retreat production. Our class schedules are not open ended as we present our art workshops within the private atmosphere of our onsite classrooms with our visiting instructors standing by to answer questions and offer encouragement for the six week duration of your workshop. Sign up [...]