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Nunn Design and Apoxie Sculpt Present: Image-Under-Glass Amulet

Apoxie Sculpt and Parawire Present: Infinity Ombre Mosaic Pendant


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2 thoughts on “B&B Show Classes

  1. Dede Harris says:

    please suggest appropriate gloves, my latex and vinyl are not fitting properly and it is impossible to work with them…
    also do you suggest the product Rub and Buff for your Apoxie Sculpt?
    What do you suggest for the color Gold?

    • Erin Gerlach says:

      Happy to help. I prefer powder free Nitrile gloves – thats what works best for me. Medline SensiCare Nitrile gloves are my personal go to. The Average female hand size is a Medium (thats what I wear …my wrist to the tip of my middle finger is 7″) – not sure that helps.
      We plan to start carrying tools and needs (gloves is on the list) come the first of the year).
      Apoxie Sculpt has a nice semi gloss finish to it – if you want it shiny you certainly can use a product like rub and buff – but that’s totally up to you, Apoxie Sculpt doesn’t need any finishing.
      To get a GOLD finish I prefer to use Gold leaf over the uncured or cured Apoxie Sculpt, OR I use Mica Powders on the uncured surface – depends what type of gold finish you are looking for. Gold paints work too. you might want to use a primer to help the paint not scratch off OR a sealer to protect it. more questions let us know! Feel free to send us an email aves@avesstudio.com

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