Scales are worked up the leg. For this step I used polymer clay over Fixit-Sculpt. When I sculpt some areas of detail, I often have to put my hand into places I have just sculpted detail. Using polymer clay in these instances allows me to quickly solidify detail I have just sculpted with a heat gun, allowing me to then hold the piece without ruining detail I have just finished. These areas have to be handled very gently afterward, as polymer clay is not nearly as durable as Fixit- Sculpt. The lower leg detailing is further completed.

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  1. Dan Barfield says:

    I haven’t tried Fixit-Sculpt yet, but with Aves Apoxie Sculpt, you can use the heat gun to speed up its cure time in the same manner you do in curing the polymer clay. You do excellent work, by the way. I love this docutorial.

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